Top Listings of #1 Nursing Schools in Houston, TX

Houston, Texas is a very popular spot for finding the best nursing school for you to attend. Many students actually move to the area to attend a campus, but you can also find online nursing programs available, as well as night classes, too.

Texas, the ‘Lone Star’ state, is home to a vibrant variety of people, language, culture, and food as well as a diverse geography bordering the Gulf of Mexico and our neighbors to the south.  Choosing to pursue a nursing education in Texas will keep you busy in and out of the classroom.

In Houston, the largest city in Texas and one of the bustling metropolises of the United States, you can choose from a variety of programs at accredited nursing schools. When choosing a program it’s important to weigh your options and consider all the factors, whether it’s the type of program you want, campus size, student/teacher ratios, or student life. Lifestyle must also be taken into account as the cost and location of your school will determine how you live for 2-4 years.

Top Schools

Based on the locations, the course offerings, and the student life available to those in attendance your best bets for nursing schools in Houston are:

 1. University of Texas School of Nursing

2. Houston Baptist University

3. Chamberlain College of Nursing

4. Baylor School College of Medicine

5. Lee College


Degrees & Classes

The University of Texas Health and Science Center wins hands down for the number of degree options, offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Post-master’s certificates. Houston Baptist also has a nice range of programming with Associate’s available alongside Bachelor’s and Master’s while Baylor College of Medicine offers Master’s degrees for postgraduate studies.

For those wishing to study two years or less, Lee College offers Associate’s degrees and certificates for 1-2 year programs. Chamberlain College of Nursing in Houston offers four year BSN degrees in as little as three years with no pre-requisites.

Many schools also offer online education and if this appeals to you look into Chamberlain and UT who both have a variety of options.



For the urbanites, there are four schools in Houston inside the city: Baylor College of Medicine, University of Texas Health and Science Center, Houston Baptist University, and Lee College.  The UT offers the most centralized location with a variety of activities and cultural points of interest close by.  Going out a bit further into the suburbs you can find San Jacinto Community College, Lone Star College System, College of the Mainland, and Alvin Community college.


Campus Size & Student/Teacher Ratios

The campuses in Houston for nursing schools are all relatively small with student populations between 1,000-5,000.  There’s no compromise for class size though and the schools boast impressive student to teacher ratios with UT at 11:1, Houston Baptist at 15:1, Lee College is slightly larger with nearly 7,000 students and a 16:1 ratio.


Cost and Financial Aid

Education is an investment and cost must always be taken into consideration.  Ideally cost wouldn’t be a worry, but often it is the deciding factor.  Take a look at not just the cost of the institution, however, but also the financial aid and how many students qualify.  Many universities offer substantial aid for qualifying students. Houston Baptist, a private university with tuition at nearly $20,000, has 94% of students receiving financial aid.  Additionally, every school offers certain scholarships and looking through them can help make your decision easier.


The key is to get the best information possible.

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