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Best Nursing Schools in New York City, NY

Whether you’re already in the New York City area, or are simply looking to move there to attend one of the best nursing schools, we’ve got you covered.

New York City is the home of some prestigious and well-renowned nursing schools in the world. So, your interest in picking a nursing school in New York is not a bad idea as there are numerous options and variables to select from. Before the end of our discussion here, you’ll have clear details of what you’re required to take into account before choosing any nursing school in New York City. Their partnership with numerous hospitals increases the practicability of the entire study experience. Below are some of the best nursing schools in New York with clear details of their locations, online classes etc. So, take advantage of this opportunity and make the right choice.

To make the details as concise possible, I’ll be describing the nursing schools in this format;

  • Name of school
  • Brief description (school overview)
  • Night classes (If available, ‘YES’, if not available, ‘NO’)
  • Online classes (If available, ‘YES’, if not available, ‘NO’)
  • Location
  • Contact

So, here they are;



Pace University is a private nursing school located in an urban setting in New York City. This school that is situated at a metropolitan area of New York leaves exceptional academics with advantages of two campuses, one in Manhattan and one in Westchester County.

The students enjoy the benefit of being placed in co-operative education and internship positions. Both Manhattan and Westchester City provides students with a great wealth of cultural riches. It also shares hosts of other cultural highlights that will greatly benefit the students.

It’s made up of about 59% female and 41% male ratio with about 81% acceptance rate. The in-state and out-of-state tuition are both $36,732 and admission is moderately difficult.





One Pace Plaza

New York, NY 10030




Ms. Donna Grand Pre

Dean of Admissions

Phone: 212-346-1794
Fax: 212-346-1821




This is a private university located in Rockville center, New York. It is made up of a suburban setting with a student ratio of 74% to females and 26% to males. It is made up of 3,375 students with 72% acceptance rate and admission is moderately difficult.





Molloy College

1000 Hempstead Avenue

Rockville Center, NY 11571-5002




Ms. Marguerite Lane

Dean of admissions

Phone: 516-323-4000

Email: [email protected]

College of Staten Island, City of New York

This school is a public university with an urban setting located in Staten Island in the city of New York. It is made up of a student ratio of 55% to male and 45% to female. It has total students of 13,463 and an in-state tuition of $5,730 and out-of-state tuition of $15,300.

College of Staten Island is known to offer experiential learning activities in addition to scholarships and financial aids. It’s notable that this college has the largest New York Campus located in the heart of Staten Island. It’s simply one of the best, so you can choose it.


College of Staten Island of the City
University of New York
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island, NY 10314-6600


Mr. Emmanuel Esperance
Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Phone: 718-982-2190
Fax: 718-982-2500
Email: [email protected]

St. Joseph’s College, New York

This is a private university located in an urban setting of Brooklyn, New York City. It has a student ratio of 68% to female and 32% to male with total students of 1,231. Both the in-state and out-state tuition are $21,250 with a 72% acceptance rate. St. Joseph’s college has two different campuses- one in Brooklyn and one in Long Island. Admission is moderately difficult, so it’s quite all right for you to apply.


St. Joseph’s college, New York
245 Clinton Avenue
NY 11205-3688

Director of Admissions Operation
Phone: 718-940-5828
Email: [email protected]

Adelphi University

Adelphi University is known to be one of the top schools in the New York metropolitan area for undergraduate education. It is a private university located in Garden City, New York.

It has a student ratio of 69% to female and 31% to male with total students of 5,040.  Both in-state and out-of-state tuition fee are $29,300 respectively. It has admission rate of 68% and admission is moderately difficult, so there is nothing to worry about.


Adelphi University
One South Avenue PO Box 701
Garden City, NY 11530-0701

Ms. Kristen Collins
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Phone: 516-877-3050
Fax: 516-877-3039
Email: [email protected]

These nursing schools are some of the best in New York City. They all have conducive environments for learning. If you intend to study in any of them, the information that I provided above will guide you towards making the right choice.

One of the resources we suggest.

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Top Listings of #1 Nursing Schools in Houston, TX

Houston, Texas is a very popular spot for finding the best nursing school for you to attend. Many students actually move to the area to attend a campus, but you can also find online nursing programs available, as well as night classes, too.

Texas, the ‘Lone Star’ state, is home to a vibrant variety of people, language, culture, and food as well as a diverse geography bordering the Gulf of Mexico and our neighbors to the south.  Choosing to pursue a nursing education in Texas will keep you busy in and out of the classroom.

In Houston, the largest city in Texas and one of the bustling metropolises of the United States, you can choose from a variety of programs at accredited nursing schools. When choosing a program it’s important to weigh your options and consider all the factors, whether it’s the type of program you want, campus size, student/teacher ratios, or student life. Lifestyle must also be taken into account as the cost and location of your school will determine how you live for 2-4 years.

Top Schools

Based on the locations, the course offerings, and the student life available to those in attendance your best bets for nursing schools in Houston are:

 1. University of Texas School of Nursing

2. Houston Baptist University

3. Chamberlain College of Nursing

4. Baylor School College of Medicine

5. Lee College


Degrees & Classes

The University of Texas Health and Science Center wins hands down for the number of degree options, offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Post-master’s certificates. Houston Baptist also has a nice range of programming with Associate’s available alongside Bachelor’s and Master’s while Baylor College of Medicine offers Master’s degrees for postgraduate studies.

For those wishing to study two years or less, Lee College offers Associate’s degrees and certificates for 1-2 year programs. Chamberlain College of Nursing in Houston offers four year BSN degrees in as little as three years with no pre-requisites.

Many schools also offer online education and if this appeals to you look into Chamberlain and UT who both have a variety of options.



For the urbanites, there are four schools in Houston inside the city: Baylor College of Medicine, University of Texas Health and Science Center, Houston Baptist University, and Lee College.  The UT offers the most centralized location with a variety of activities and cultural points of interest close by.  Going out a bit further into the suburbs you can find San Jacinto Community College, Lone Star College System, College of the Mainland, and Alvin Community college.


Campus Size & Student/Teacher Ratios

The campuses in Houston for nursing schools are all relatively small with student populations between 1,000-5,000.  There’s no compromise for class size though and the schools boast impressive student to teacher ratios with UT at 11:1, Houston Baptist at 15:1, Lee College is slightly larger with nearly 7,000 students and a 16:1 ratio.


Cost and Financial Aid

Education is an investment and cost must always be taken into consideration.  Ideally cost wouldn’t be a worry, but often it is the deciding factor.  Take a look at not just the cost of the institution, however, but also the financial aid and how many students qualify.  Many universities offer substantial aid for qualifying students. Houston Baptist, a private university with tuition at nearly $20,000, has 94% of students receiving financial aid.  Additionally, every school offers certain scholarships and looking through them can help make your decision easier.


The key is to get the best information possible.

Best Nursing Schools in Chicago, Illinois

Ah, Downtown Chicago, Illinois. Is there a cooler place to live? While the Winter can be quite cold, Chicago is a great place to find the best nursing schools to attend and get more information on.

There’s a myriad of considerations to take into account when choosing an institution for continuing education. If you’re looking at pursuing nursing in Chicago, here’s a breakdown to help navigate choosing from the 15 accredited schools and over 50 programs.

When choosing a program there’s any number of considerations that can be used to weigh your options, whether it’s the type of program you want, campus size, student/teacher ratios, or ranking. Things like location and cost should also be factored in as any program could be 2-4 years of your time.


Top Schools

As far as degree options go universities tend to have the most options and more resources available to students. Based on this, these nursing schools rank very highly within the city.

1. University of Chicago at Illinois

2. Rush University

3. DePaul University

4. Loyola University Chicago

5. Resurrection University

That being said, there’s plenty of other things you should consider, based on your own needs.


Degrees & Classes

Your first concern will likely be what programs are offered, especially if you’re in search of something specific. For graduate programs the choices are limited to the larger universities, but University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), DePaul University, Loyola University, North Park University, Rush University, Resurrection University, and St. Xavier all offer wonderful program opportunities.  These schools, along with Chicago State University, also offer RN Baccalaureate Programs and Masters entry levels can be found at DePaul, Rush, and UIC.


RN associate degree programs are more readily available and can be found at City Colleges of Chicago-Malcolm X College, Richard J Daley College, Truman College, and Wilbur Wright College as well as Robert Morris University.  CCC-Malcom X and Wilbur Wright also have Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) programs as do Americare Technical School, ATS Institute of Technology, Northwestern Institute of Health & Tech.


City colleges tend to be more flexible with night time classes. However, many larger universities have moved learning to online platforms. UIC and Loyola offer RN and BSN Degrees completely online, Rush has several online programs as does Resurrection.



Nursing schools located in the heart of the city are all relatively close to each other and well connected to public transportation include Robert Morris University, DePaul, National-Louis University, UIC, Rush, and CCC-Malcolm X. There’s still plenty of options if you want to head further out into the suburbs in any direction. Some options include Purdue University-Calumet Campus, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Elmhurst College, Triton College, among others.


Campus Size & Student/Teacher Ratios

Of the urban school DePaul and UIC have large campuses (26,000+) with good student/teacher ratios (17:1, 18:1); the mid-sized CCC-Malcom X, Harry S Truman, and Kennedy, though smaller, have much higher student teacher ratios (30+:1) while National-Louis University boasts a 9:1 ratio; Robert Morris University and Rush are both tiny campuses with 20+:1 ratio.


National Rankings

If school ranking is a concern for you, both UIC and Rush have nursing programs ranked by U.S. National News, coming in at #11 and #15, respectively, while Loyola was #50.


Public or private, the four year universities will always cost more than city colleges with two year programs. Costs not directly related to your studies should also be taken into account from room and board to commuting times.


By the way, here is the page I was mentioning.

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